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January 2014

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Michael Foti
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More “seasoned” veterans of the swine industry might remember a TV commercial for Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. In this commercial, a gentleman eating peanut butter out of a jar accidentally bumps into a woman who happens to be eating a chocolate bar. When the two collide and taste the peanut butter covered candy bar, a new idea is born. 

Many of you who’ve been using the water-soluble Enterisol® Ileitis vaccine have been asking Phibro for our best recommendations regarding use of our products during the medication-free window during the week of vaccination. 

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Securing the Ileitis Vaccination Window

Dr. Dana Beckler, MS, DVM, is a researcher of enteric swine disease and president of Gut Bugs, Inc. (GBI), which conducts a range of diagnostic work as well as clinical trials. Dr. Beckler’s recent Lawsonia trial looked at the impact of feeding Stafac® during an Enterisol Ileitis vaccination protocol.

Dr. Dana Beckler,

Protecting pigs from the ever-present Lawsonia intracellularis organism and preventing ileitis can be a tricky process for producers. The standard vaccination labeled direction requires that pigs be withdrawn from antibiotics for seven days. This requirement takes away the feed efficiency value that comes with antibiotic reduction of bacterial numbers that would compete for the essential nutrients to grow pigs quickly and efficiently. The vaccine, which is an attentuated live bacterium, needs to establish itself in the intestine to stimulate the animal's immune system against the bacteria that causes ileitis.

Producers and vets have for some time suspected a beneficial effect from feeding Stafac during ileitis vaccination. Now, new research confirms that effect and clarifies a protocol for capturing most of the value of today’s high feed cost during the vaccination period.

“We wanted to determine if Stafac, when fed concurrently during vaccination, would interfere with the immunity produced against Lawsonia intracellularis when administering the Enterisol vaccine,” Dr. Beckler said.

Dr. Beckler conducted the trial at the GBI facilities on 82 isowean pigs divided into four groups for a total of 52 days. The pig groups were sorted into 1) a strict negative control group, which meant the pigs were not vaccinated nor exposed to Lawsonia; 2) a challenged control group, where the pigs were not vaccinated but were challenged with Lawsonia; 3) a vaccinated control group, in which the pigs were vaccinated with Enterisol and challenged with Lawsonia; and 4) a vaccinated, medicated group where the pigs were vaccinated and challenged, but also received Stafac medicated feed mixed at 11 ppm.

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