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August 2013

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Michael Foti
Director, Phibro Animal Health Canada
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Exploring Enteric Disease Trends*

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National Hog Farmer

I’m not that old, but I do still remember when nearly every pork producer in Canada felt the need to be concerned about roundworm infestations, the need to control them and their economic impact on their farms’ pork production. As most of the industry moved toward providing housing for pigs, and especially as more and more producers moved to “fully slatted” flooring, the early beliefs suggested that the need to routinely deworm pigs had passed. 

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To Deworm or Not to Deworm?

Dr. Joe Connor, DVM, MS

Field case study shows that even in modern confinement, reinfestation occurs

There can be a misconception among producers that modern confinement systems with high bio-security practices mean the end to worms.

A field case study conducted by Dr. Joe Connor, DVM, MS, President of Carthage Veterinary Service, Ltd, clearly demonstrated that the eggs of the large roundworm (Ascaris suum) are practically impossible to eliminate.

Dr. Connor set out to create an ascarid-free population at the top of a genetic multiplication pyramid that could then be used to populate other ascarid-free herds throughout the system. The case study involved populating a 100 percent newly constructed, well isolated facility. The facility featured high bio-security – isolated location, total enclosure, shower in/shower out, separated loadouts, and no recycled water. Facilities were fully washed and disinfected prior to any animal arrival.

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