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Issue Archive

July 2015
Matt Ackerman: PEDv Outlook for the Near Future
Also in this issue: It Looks Like TGE: a fascinating first-person look at Dr. Ackerman’s personal experiences with uncovering PEDv disease in the United States
April 2015
Phil Borgic: Deworming and Improving Herd Health with PRO-Banminth
October 2014
Dr. Kent Schwartz: PEDv and Bacterial Secondary Infections
Also in this issue: Can feed-grade medication help control and treat secondary infections in the face of a PEDv outbreak?
January 2014
Dr. Dana Beckler, Securing the Ileitis Vaccination Window
Also in this issue: JSHAP-published research indicates compatibility between Stafac® and Enterisol vaccine
February 2013
Dr. Joe Connor: To Deworm or Not to Deworm
Also in this issue: MIC Distributions of Brachyspira Isolates; Antibiotic-free Production Analyzed; Exploring Enteric Disease Trends

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